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Eagle Creek Conservation Club is holding NRA Pistol/Ohio Concealed Carry Classes on the dates listed below. Classes are held on Friday evenings (5:30pm to 8:30pm) and Saturdays (9am to 6pm). If we are unable to complete the 2 hour range portion of class due to weather or other circumstances, range time will be scheduled at a convenient time for each student.

Class Dates:

December 6-7, 2013

Check Back Soon For Upcoming Dates

If you are interested in taking the course to apply for an Ohio CCW permit, Ohio law requires that you take the NRA Basic Pistol class consisting of 10 classroom hours PLUS an additional 2 HOURS of range time and live fire activities. Our class meets and exceeds both these requirements.

For class you will need a pen, a pencil, a yellow highlighter, a lunch, bug repellant, and any snacks or drinks you would like to bring. There is a soft drink machine in the classroom. (.50 cents)

If you have a particular handgun that you would like to bring to class, please let me know when you register. We use .22 caliber target pistols for the range portion of class, but you are welcome to bring any pistol that you already own or are considering for your concealed carry weapon. Please make sure that the pistol is unloaded and transported to class according to Ohio laws. (NO LIVE AMMUNITION OR LOADED GUNS ARE PERMITTED IN THE CLASSROOM!) If you do not already own a .22 caliber target pistol, please wait until after the class to purchase one. We discuss the many factors involved in purchasing the right pistol.

There is no additional charge to use one of my target pistols for the range. There is an additional charge of $5.00 per 100 rounds of ammo if you do not have your own .22 caliber target pistol to use. Targets, hearing and eye protection are also provided at no additional charge for the range time. I provide electronic hearing protection so students can hear me on the range, yet the electronic hearing protection blocks the sound of the gun shots.

Class size is limited to 4-8 students to allow lots of hands on experience and training. Cost of this course is $100.00, and if you are interested in joining the Eagle Creek Conservation Club, located in Leavittsburg, you could join the club and also take the course for the same $100.00 fee. (Membership in the club is $50.00 and members can take the course for just $50.00)

You will receive an NRA Basic Pistol Handbook, an Ohio CCW Booklet, an application to apply for your Ohio CCW permit and the paperwork and certificates necessary to apply after successfully completing the classroom and range portion of the class.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:
~ Introduction to Pistols
~ Safe Gun Handling
~ Firearm Safety
~ Pistol Parts and Operation for Revolvers and Semi Autos
~ Safe Loading and Unloading Procedures
~ Shooting Fundamentals
~ Ammunition, Malfunctions & Safe Storage
~ Shooting Positions
~ Range Safety
~ Sight Adjustments
~ Cleaning & Maintenance of Firearms
~ Buying the Right Pistol
~ Concealed Carry Options/Ohio CCW Requirements
~ Holsters & Accessories
~ Maintaining & Developing Your Pistol skills

The Eagle Creek Conservation Club is located at 5525 Eagle Creek Rd. Leavittsburg, OH. Please let me know if you need directions or if you have any questions about the class, I’d be happy to help!

A registration form for class is available below. Please fill out the registration form and return it with your $50.00 deposit (check or money order made out to Pam Karousis) to register for the class. You may also send the entire amount ($100) if you desire. Receipts will be given out the first night of class. Please send deposit and registration form to:

Nail Designs
Pam Karousis
3010 State Rt. 5
Cortland, OH 44410

NRA-CCW Registration

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to meeting you in class.

Pam Karousis
NRA Certified Instructor
Pistol ~ Rifle ~ Personal Protection
Home Firearm Safety
Range Safety Officer
Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
330-720-1110 cell
330-638-6245 work
Pam Karousis NRA Training (

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